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Modifier is Resolve Philly’s new home for practice change and professional development.

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Strengthen the foundation of your organization by developing equitable policies and practices and exploring holistic approaches to team leadership.
Examine how word choices and frames in news impact communities with customized trainings, consulting packages, and free resources.
Learn how your newsroom can build trust and center community voices in your reporting.

People who trust us

“[Modifier's] trainings have led to in-depth conversations on our team and with our communities, as well as changes in practice, making our process and reporting even stronger. How we create the news is as important as the news we make, and [Modifier] knows this, approaching change and challenge with a smart, holistic approach. This is the future of news.”

— Allison Augustyn, former Executive Director of InvestigateWest

How we can help

With our team’s expertise, we can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of operational resilience and leadership development, language and framing, collaborative reporting, community engagement, and more. We offer solutions, from in-person group trainings to free educational content, for organizations of all sizes and individuals seeking a range of skills.

Deep, thoughtful consulting relationships help you reach your goals.

Workshops and other learning opportunities can be customized to your industry and organization.

Current editorial guidance and new resources keep your staff up to date.

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