Thanks to Broke in Philly and the Reentry Project, Resolve Philly is considered the gold standard for local news collaboration.

Our model has been replicated by dozens of reporting projects around the globe and we have developed a set of adaptable best practices for other collaboratives. Modifier is excited to support the development, implementation, or optimization of your collaborative relationships or reporting projects, regardless of their shape or scope.

If you are in the planning or development stages of collaboration, we can offer support on overcoming the challenges to cross-team cooperation and equitably engaging with a range of partners to ensure maximum diversity. Then, we can work with your organization to develop group processes and guidelines that center this value.

If your collaboration is already up and running, but you want to expand your partner base or focus on other aspects of the work, like group decision-making, project management and communication, or defining/hiring roles for your collaboration, we are well-positioned to support you. The lead consultant for this work is Gene Sonn.

Contact us for support on your collaboration.