Election 2024: Crafting sharp & responsible headlines for your political stories

Headlines are the most important starting point of a story. A good one both informs and piques a readers’ interest, encouraging them to read on. But in an era of search engine optimization and short attention spans, writing a good one is harder to do — especially when it comes to political stories.

Date & Time:

June 21, 2024






Join the National Press Club Journalism Institute and Resolve Philly’s Modifier for a free webinar examining the craft of writing and framing a headline for a political story; the different types of headlines to use depending upon the story, and the pitfalls of using sensationalized or misleading language. Participants will practice writing and rewriting a few headlines to get practical experience in producing responsible headlines for your 2024 election coverage.

Registration is open for this free, one-hour webinar, which will take place at 11:30 a.m. ET on Friday, June 21.

Instructor Aubrey Nagle, Resolve Philly’s director of practice change, will teach participants how to::

  • Rethink the basics: What is the point of a headline?
  • Balance SEO needs for story promotion without using misleading language
  • Be inspired with ideas for word choices that balance engagement and responsibility
  • Practice writing and rewriting headlines