Our Team

Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, Executive Director

Jean is a Philadelphia-native who is passionate about journalism’s vital role in creating a fair and just society. She co-founded Resolve Philadelphia in 2018, with the hope that sustained collaborative and engaged solutions reporting would help bring about a more informed and inspired city. During 2017, she was the Project Editor of The Reentry Project, Resolve’s pilot initiative, which focused on the challenges of and solutions to prisoner reentry. Prior to that, Jean was an award-winning freelance journalist, spending more than a decade reporting from the Global South and specializing in longform investigative and solutions pieces. She’s a Vice Magazine Contributing Editor and has been published in the New York Times, Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Bloomberg Businessweek, among others.

Cassie Haynes, Co-Founder

Cassie has been a leader in social innovation and business strategy since 2012. She has held executive leadership positions with both the City of Philadelphia and startups at the intersection of the health and fitness industries. In a past life, she was Executive Director of the global governing body of flat track roller derby and had a brief tenure as a lawyer with a mid-sized Philadelphia law firm. She co-founded Resolve Philly alongside Jean Friedman-Rudovsky in 2018, frustrated by Philadelphia’s stagnant social mobility and intrigued by the role that journalism could play in driving equitable solutions to something as deep and entrenched as poverty. In the years since, Resolve’s portfolio of work has grown, and Cassie has become a passionate speaker and thought leader on diversity and belonging in newsrooms, shared leadership, and equitable organizational structures. She has appeared on panels and hosted discussions with the National Press Club Journalism Institute, the Knight Foundation, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and a host of other institutions. She’s competed in the Boston Marathon, held state and national records in powerlifting, and is currently writing her first book.

Aubrey Nagle, Senior Director of Practice Change

Aubrey is obsessed with helping people understand the news and helping the news understand people. In her work with Resolve as the Senior Director of Practice Change, she connects newsrooms with their constituents in ways that inspire more equitable and accurate representation and creates tools and resources that help them use more inclusive, human-centered language in their reporting. Before joining Resolve, Aubrey was the Newsletter Editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer and also wrote educational videos and newsletters about media literacy, including three series for John and Hank Green’s Crash Course brand.

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Derrick Cain, Director of Community Engagement

Derrick is a Philadelphia-native who is passionate about shifting the news paradigm and connecting with people to ensure accurate and authentic storytelling. Most recently, Derrick was a 2019 Reentry Think Media Justice Fellow, where he created and told stories about returning citizens that challenged stereotypes and illuminated hurdles to reentry. Derrick has several years of experience in criminal justice reform and public and motivational speaking. In addition to serving as a volunteer and mentor for several organizations and continuing his personal public speaking, Derrick is the Chair of the Professional Men’s Group with Menzfit, where he helps formerly incarcerated individuals by connecting them to resources.

Madeleine Nasta, Revenue Project Manager

Madeleine is the Project Manager for all things revenue—individual contributions, grants, and the consulting practice. She supports Resolve Philly through the relationships between the organization and funding sources. Madeleine has a particular interest in media literacy and solutions-oriented journalism. Prior to joining Resolve, Madeleine worked in donor relations at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She holds undergraduate degrees in the History of Art and Classics as well as a Master’s in the History of Art from Johns Hopkins University. Madeleine is a Philadelphia transplant with a love for the city, its prosperity, and culture.

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