Operational Resilience

Cassie Haynes and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky speak into microphones at a conference table at the ONA 2022 conference.
In building Resolve Philly, Co-Founders Jean Friedman-Rudovsky and Cassie Haynes reconsidered almost every element of the traditional workplace, asking themselves: Could this be done in a way that centers personhood and equity more fully, while also prioritizing transparency, collaboration, and efficiency?

The answer was often yes. They designed and implemented internal policies and practices that embody Resolve’s values and principles, not only in what the organization does but in how it goes about doing it.

Now, in their consulting practice through Modifier, the two leaders leverage their experience as Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors of Resolve, as well as their professional backgrounds and training in community organizing, fundraising, nonprofit management, and finance and operations. The powerful duo continues to have a demonstrable impact on journalism organizations committed to centering anti-racism and equity in the practices, policies, and workflows that form the structure of their workplace.

Modifier helps organizations, in the news industry and beyond, grow through a combination of organizational and strategic development consulting and leadership coaching. We show up to our consulting relationships with best practices, tools, templates, and a deep knowledge base, informed by the entirety of Resolve Philly. It is our ultimate goal to support leaders in navigating growth, institutional change, leadership transitions, and other challenges that arise while building and sustaining news organizations in the current media landscape. We do our best to impart methodologies and strategies that enable leaders to reap the benefits of our work throughout their careers.

We can help you:

  • Design internal practices that build equity and anti-racism
  • Create operating principles that reflect your values
  • Develop impact-driven fundraising narratives
  • Establish equitable hiring and recruitment workflows
  • Develop onboarding and succession plans that set team members up for success
  • Grow and hone your approach to individual or shared leadership
  • And much more!
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