“Is that really journalism?” Journalism and Advocacy

What's the connection between journalism and advocacy? Why do some news orgs consider advocacy problematic? Who decides what advocacy means?

Date & Time:

November 18, 2021






Distancing journalism from advocacy is common in some journalism settings, but odd, given the long history of journalism that advocates for social change, performs public service, and enacts solidarity with marginalized people.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring folks who work in journalism and have experience with responding to the question, “Is that really journalism?” including:

  • Madeleine Bair, founder of El Tímpano
  • Gabe Schneider, co-founder of The Objective
  • Aubrey Nagle, Reframe Editor at Resolve Philly
  • Anita Varma, Solidarity Journalism Initiative lead at the Center for Media Engagement

Free, virtual, and open to journalists, journalism students, journalism educators, and advocates of all kinds.

Hosted by the Solidarity Journalism Initiative (Center for Media Engagement).