A hand drops a paper ballot into a ballot box.

Putting Voters First: Solidarity Reporting for Democracy

At a time when many politicians are mudslinging and prominent analysts are trying to predict the horse race, what does it mean for journalists to put voters first? How can journalism not only avoid becoming a vehicle for misinformation, but also serve as an affirming space for democratic values?

Date & Time:

October 20, 2022






Join us for a workshop on solidarity reporting for democracy, including concrete guidance on priorities and practices for how news organizations can move from declaring themselves “pro-democracy” to putting promises into practice as a public service for voters.

Speaker Bios:

Anita Varma leads the Solidarity Journalism Initiative at the Center for Media Engagement (University of Texas at Austin), where she is also an assistant professor focused on journalism ethics. She is on the board of the Society of Professional Journalists (Northern California Chapter) and the advisory board of The Objective.

Aubrey Nagle is the Director of Practice Change at Resolve Philly and leads its consulting work at Modifier. Before joining Resolve, Aubrey was the Newsletter Editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer and also wrote educational videos and newsletters about media literacy, including three series for John and Hank Green’s Crash Course brand.