Language & Framing

Coworkers writing on post-it notes in a workshop
Bring your team together to learn how editorial choices can build narratives that shape, and are shaped by, our communities. We lead both virtual interactive workshops and, when safe to do so, in-person workshops for newsrooms of all shapes and sizes.

The language and frames we use in our news stories can create gaps between what we want to say and what others actually hear. Together we’ll identify these gaps in our journalism and explore strategies for closing them, like practicing humanizing language, connecting to relevant research, and sharing power with community members. Our virtual workshop is designed to be 3 hours long, including breaks, group discussion, and activities.

Participants will come away with:

  • A new understanding of the positive and negative impacts that word and framing choices can have on their audiences
  • Strategies for making word and framing choices that better align their impact with their intent
  • Where to find resources on ways to stay up to date on language and framing conversations
  • Access to videos, readings, and checklists for continued learning

Looking to tackle specific challenges in your newsroom? We can customize our flagship workshop to include instruction around content areas like economic mobility, elections, protest and social justice, and more.

Contact us to bring a language & framing workshop to your newsroom.