Modifier Live Conference Brings Unprecedented Interdisciplinary Learning Experience to Charlotte

Published December 2023

Tickets are on sale now for this inaugural event bringing together journalists and news organizations who are interested in improving reporting, internal operations, and more.

CHARLOTTE, NC, December 5, 2023Modifier, Resolve Philly’s home for professional development and practice change, is thrilled to announce its upcoming two-day conference on April 10 and 11, 2024, in Charlotte, North Carolina. This unique learning event, Modifier Live, is designed to transform the way journalists and news organizations approach relationship-building, both within their communities and beyond traditional journalistic frameworks. Tickets are on sale now. Attendees can register at

Since early 2021, Resolve’s in-house experts have been supporting journalism organizations across the nation in becoming the most equitable versions of themselves—in both their editorial work and operations. Through Modifier, this team has supported 43 newsrooms in 15 states and 3 countries, with over 4,000 journalists and researchers participating in coaching opportunities, workshops, and events. Now, the B2B consulting practice will expand its reach and empower conference attendees to make real, impactful work on their organization immediately.

Modifier Live promises an immersive experience to facilitate profound learning and tangible outcomes. This event is built for newsrooms to send a small group of attendees (2-4) so that they may take full advantage of instruction time for building implementation plans for their organization. It is structured around not just learning, but applying those learnings in a way that immediately impacts the newsroom. Attendees can anticipate an opportunity to cultivate genuine connections, nurture collaborative networks, and leverage the power of interdisciplinary knowledge for transformative storytelling.

The conference will feature interactive workshops led by Resolve Philly’s esteemed Community Engagement, Operational Resilience, Language and Framing, and Collaborative Journalism coaches, aimed at empowering attendees with practical strategies for integrating newfound insights into their professional environments. Moreover, a carefully curated lineup of presenters from diverse fields, including neuroscience and visual art, will provide an innovative perspective on the intersection between journalism and other disciplines, fostering an enriching and holistic learning experience.

“Through our collaborative work in Philadelphia, we’ve seen how positive impact ripples through a news ecosystem and the communities it serves when organizations get the chance to learn together,” said Aubrey Nagle, who leads Modifier’s work for Resolve Philly as the Director of Practice Change. “That’s why our team is thrilled to bring this experience to the journalists of North Carolina and the surrounding region.”

Attendees can look forward to a range of valuable takeaways, including best practices for the development of authentic relationships with their priority communities, the implementation of people-centric workflows, and the cultivation of equitable and collaborative partnerships. Additionally, participants will gain valuable insights into overcoming traditional industry frameworks and promoting solutions- and asset-framed narratives that positively impact their communities.

For more information about Modifier Live and to register for the conference, please visit